Renewed hospitality

Tune in to the Dolomites.

The Kolfuschgerhof in Colfosco, Alta Badia, is that typical hotel born from the entrepreneurial spirit of a family, constantly innovating to become a veritable company. One of the most important hotels in the valley, it has grown over the course of generations of the same family. The third generation has decided to expand, renovate, and refurbish the hotel to improve its service and create a form of hospitality which can evolve while still cherishing its traditions.

The expansion of the building requires a redesign and repositioning of its coordinated communication and image which reflect the mammoth task undertaken. We redesigned the logo and created an integrated communication system which can support and guide this next important step in the hotel’s life.

The Kolfuschgerhof is one of the more important hotels as far as room capacity is concerned in Val Badia. It also stands out for the quality of its services and for its proud and strong family-run management. Hospitality, traditions, and innovation are the founding pillars that are at the heart of our project.

A standout renewal

The deer has always symbolised the hotel’s identity. We felt it necessary to preserve it, and adapted it by making it sleeker and more dynamic.

Kolfuschgerhof: Corporate Identity
The pattern
Kolfuschgerhof: Corporate Identity
The colours
Kolfuschgerhof: Corporate Identity
The applications
The internal signance
Kolfuschgerhof: Corporate Identity
Kolfuschgerhof: Corporate Identity

Our work focused on conveying the beauty of the hotel as well as the idea that you can always unplug to unwind and recharge your batteries when staying here.

Web desire

When developing the website, we had to consider the number of important information about the hotel. The infrastructure is a complex, diversified one. We took a light approach, and created a set of colours, images, and words which ensure the pages are easy to read and understand and feature a clear message.

Kolfuschgerhof: Corporate Identity

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