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Communication is a puls(e)

Good communication is like a heart: it only works when it beats. We control its beats with effective and varied solutions. We live for mixing culture and business, creativity and strategy, and believe in collaboration. We keep budgets under control and our talented, multidisciplinary team ensures we fly over the Dolomites and look towards infinity… and beyond!

FAQ for Puls

In our field, frequent questions are frequently left unanswered. That is not how we flow. The following is a list to help our past and future clients.

How do we solve marketing mix problems?

Simple! Replace the 4Ps – product, price, POS, promotion – with the 4Rs: rest, relax, restore, and recline (back).

How do you reposition a hotel’s restaurant?

If the food is good, nothing is impossible.

What is behind ‘healthy’ corporate communication?

A balanced diet of good ideas, good intentions and, above all, good budgets.

How can we give up smoking?

Climb up to the Sas dla Crusc three times a day.

Brand identity and brand image: just who am I?

Fear not! We trained at the Freud University of Design in Vienna.

B2B or B2C?

2 be or not 2 be, that is the question.

How do we launch a new detergent?

We… are not sure? We only wash by hand using organic Edelweiss soap.

How should we use social media?

Up to you! We prefer IRL to social media, to be honest. #overandout

Outsourcing: now what?

We call the babysitter when we need a night out.

How do we grow our business?

Water before sunset – and before the aperitif.

Do you do business cards?

Yes! As long as we can fit all your MBA, MA, BA etc. in

You do communication: are you are also graphic artists?


Small budgets, great ideas?


Are print and production costs included?


How do you reach your goal?

With an axe, crampon, and sometimes even a sling.

Are you available during the evening, Saturday, and Sunday?

Of course – for an aperitif, beer, a walk or a ski on the slopes.

Do we get a discount if, uhm, like, uhm we do not require an invoice?

There are other ways of getting a discount. How about we have a chat over a cup of coffee/tea.

In more than ten years,

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What about you?

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