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Embark on an extraordinary journey

The bold branding strategy of InfoDolomites

"Embark on an extraordinary journey" is the claim that perfectly embodies the essence of InfoDolomites, a travel agency that has the power to create unforgettable adventures amidst the majestic Pale Mountains. The previous brand identity of InfoDolomites was undistinguished and required a complete overhaul to reflect the company's evolution. The goal was to convey a fresh and contemporary image. Through a bold and innovative branding strategy, we shaped the new identity of InfoDolomites as a leading brand in the travel industry. The company's mission was translated into a unique and impactful visual identity that reflects the overwhelming energy of adventure and discovery that guide InfoDolomites, evoking an irresistible desire to explore the Dolomites.
The tailored communication is permeated with passion and enthusiasm. The captivating tone of voice captures the attention of a cosmopolitan and dynamic audience seeking authentic emotions and beauty. InfoDolomites stands out as a brand that offers something unique and extraordinary.

KYMA Controls: Corporate Identity

Rebranding was a necessary step to meet the expectations of modern travellers and communicate even more powerfully the uniqueness and excellence of the experiences offered by InfoDolomites. It was essential to capture the visitors' imagination from the very first moment, conveying the vibrant soul of the Dolomites and stimulating the desire to create indelible memories in this fascinating land, with its majestic peaks, breathtaking views, lush meadows, and crystal-clear lakes.

KYMA Controls: Corporate Identity
The free spirit of the Dolomites

The new InfoDolomites logo embodies the free spirit of these mountains, an invitation to explore and surpass every limit. Its shape represents the harmonious union of the letters "I" and "D" transforming into a majestic summit, a tangible symbol of the power and extraordinary beauty that the Dolomites can offer. Its dynamic form depicts the freedom to explore, while the straight lines evoke a sense of movement and discovery.

Logo Info Dolomites
Energy and boldness

We carefully developed a communication style that speaks directly to the hearts of adventurers from around the world and reflects InfoDolomites' commitment to providing extraordinary experiences: a dynamic and engaging visual identity that establishes an immediate connection with those who love to explore with enthusiasm, passion, and authenticity. The color palette captures the vibrant shades of these mountains, from the intense hues of dawn to the warm colors of sunset, an enchantment that persists throughout the year. As for the font, we chose Maison as it perfectly represents the adventure and exploration that are at the core of the travel experience. Its contemporary forms recall the energy and boldness of those who desire to discover unique and fascinating places beyond every boundary.

KYMA Controls: Corporate Identity
KYMA Controls: Corporate Identity
Anticipating the journey

But that's not all. The new website has been designed with the goal of immersing the user in an immersive experience in the Pale Mountains: it is an invitation to explore without limits, a breathtaking online experience that allows virtual immersion in the marvelous Dolomites, anticipating the excitement and enthusiasm of a real journey. The graphics feature a modern and dynamic design, with a variety of colors, elements, and animations that create a sense of movement and adventure.

KYMA Controls: Corporate Identity
Attention to details

The launch of a new brand involves many elements, and we are here to ensure that every detail faithfully reflects the brand's identity. Our brand support service has been a fascinating journey in collaboration with the InfoDolomites team to understand their specific needs and transform the brand guidelines into extraordinary communication materials. We have created business cards that fully embody the InfoDolomites brand identity, using the distinctive pattern. We have developed a template for personalized offers so that every proposal sent to customers is an irresistible invitation to immerse themselves in the wonders of this land. An unmissable opportunity to create indelible memories.

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