The past and the present

Ostí Vedl, humility as a winning strategy

In a frenetic world overwhelmed by rampant tourism, Martin boldly revived Ostí Vedl, an ancient 16th-century farmhouse, transforming it into a place of authentic hospitality. The branding strategy focused on offering a sincere experience, respecting local traditions, and showcasing the intrinsic beauty of the structure as precious gems of a bygone era never forgotten. The main challenge was to communicate the timeless humility of this place, allowing visitors to appreciate its historical and cultural heritage. Ostí Vedl is an embodiment of humility and simplicity, a place where guests can enjoy a journey that embraces both the past and the present.

Ostí Vedl: Brand Identity
A timeless experience

Ostí Vedl is a magical place where authenticity and nostalgia blend into a timeless experience. The brand identity highlights the humility and simplicity of the place, while communication serves as an ode to genuineness and modesty. Here, luxury lies in the unadorned beauty, genuine hospitality, and the warmth of a family preserving traditions. Ostí Vedl is a unique masterpiece where modesty and essence come together in a magic to be cherished and celebrated.

Ostí Vedl: Brand Identity
A homage to the past

The name Ostí Vedl, meaning "old innkeeper" in Ladino, pays homage to the past and its deep roots. By keeping this name, we aimed to preserve its cultural value, resonating in the chronicles of the Longiarú village since the 16th century. The rooms, dedicated to family members, narrate fascinating stories rooted in the history of the farmhouse. Each room represents a fragment of life and tangible memories of a precious past.

Ostí Vedl: Brand Identity
A connection with mountain traditions

The Ostí Vedl logo evokes deep nostalgia and intense emotions, recalling a profound connection with mountain traditions. The monogram, resembling a flickering candle flame with its warm and enveloping flicker, embodies the vibrant soul of a simple and genuine life. This logo sparkles with emotions, evoking a past time when the essence of an authentic and modest life merges with the grandeur of the mountains. It invites an experience that exudes affection and gratitude.

Logo Ostí Vedl
An invitation to discover the soul of Ostí Vedl

The visual identity of Ostí Vedl captures the unique essence of the place with warm and enveloping colors that evoke a profound sense of intimacy and belonging. The font, designed from scratch to depict the humility and simplicity of the farmhouse, tells stories of the past and establishes a deep connection with Ostí Vedl's cultural heritage. Authentic images narrate moments of natural beauty, transporting guests on an exciting journey through the Dolomites, immersed in the serenity and authenticity of the farmhouse. The engaging visual identity invites people to discover the soul of Ostí Vedl, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of those privileged to explore this wonder.

Ostí Vedl: Brand Identity
Ostí Vedl: Brand Identity
Ostí Vedl: Brand Identity
A nostalgic experience

The web design of Ostí Vedl is engaging and immersive, capturing the authentic and captivating essence of the place. The main challenge was to convey the simplicity and humility of the farmhouse. With captivating visual elements, the navigation is smooth and intuitive, returning the enchanting atmosphere of Ostí Vedl. Vintage photos, imbued with authentic beauty, passionately narrate the history and tradition of the farmhouse, reviving emotions and forgotten memories. The website offers an emotional and nostalgic experience, reawakening the joy for the small and precious things in life, with each page inviting visitors to dive into the past and celebrate the timeless magic of Ostí Vedl.

Ostí Vedl: Brand Identity
Eternal wonder

Every element of the visual identity has been crafted with passion and artisanal mastery. Martin's skilled hands carved every detail into the warm wood, while the logo was meticulously embroidered on cushions and textiles, creating a welcoming atmosphere for peaceful sleep. Customized toiletry sets diffuse the fresh scent of the mountains. But at Studio Puls, we will stand by the audacious Martin, ensuring that Ostí Vedl maintains its ancient splendor, evoking eternal wonder.

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